Friday, April 17, 2009

My Favorite Parenting Show

I love Supernanny. Every family she visits, it seems like she goes through all of the same concepts. This leads me to believe that the majority of parents are just not educated about good techniques. Here's the rundown:

-Time Outs: They work. When a child misbehaves, give a warning (only one!). If they repeat the behavior, it's time to follow through. Find a spot away from distractions and take your child there to sit for 1 minute per year of their age (2 year old, 2 minutes; 3 year old, 3 minutes, etc.). When you first put them there, explain why they're in time out. It's likely they'll get up a few times. Don't say a word, and put them back in the spot. If you've not been consistent with discipline before, this process could go on for upwards of an hour. Think it's not worth it? Don't give up. Keep taking them back to the spot until they sit there for the entire time. At the end, go to them, explain why they've been put in time out, and ask them for an apology. End with a hug and a kiss, and go on about your day. Key concept here is consistency. Don't give up. By the way, don't threaten time out without following through. If you say, "If you do that one more time, you're going to time out", then make sure the next time they do that, you take them to time out. When you don't follow through, you're giving the child the power to control the situation. Follow through every time. It'll make your life easier in the long run.

-Charts: Having trouble getting your kids ready in the morning? Lack of bedtime routine? Make a chart with words and pictures outlining the routine that kids need to follow. Let them check off each item as they complete them. You can get organized and give your kids a little responsibility, which gives them self-esteem.

-Bedtime: When the time comes (you decide when the time is right for your child) for your child to sleep in their own beds, don't flip flop. Supernanny does this great technique (which I've successfully used when I was a nanny) where she lets the kids know what the bedtime routine is. If you say you're going to read a book, read one book. If you say you're going to read 2 books, read only 2 books. Don't get into the "just one more" game. Stick to your word. When it's time for bed, say goodnight, turn the light off, and leave. When they come running out of bed, say nothing and put them back in bed. Sit on the floor in their room in the dark, with your head down. Don't give them attention. Every time they get out of bed, just put them back without talking to them (same concept as time out). Again, even if this takes an hour or so, don't give up. It's worth it to be consistent. It won't go on like this forever. Even if it feels like it at the time. Oh, and this can work for naptime, too.

The most important concept in all of these tips is consistency. Be consistent. Be consistent. Be consistent.

Do you watch Supernanny? What's your favorite technique you've seen her use?


  1. Huge Super Nanny fan here as well! It is all about the follow through and being consistent, Jake and I would totally agree! I like the fact that she records them and makes them watch themselves with her. Some people get in such denial or come up with so many excuses about why they can't change the way the do things.

  2. love this blog, this is a very needed place to find out about all things parenting. Have you seen the cover that is used for nursing? I am not sure what it is called, but it is definely descreet and looks comfortable for both mom and baby. You might want to check it out further. Cassie

  3. Yeah! Hooter Hiders! Several of my friends use them and they are super cute and very handy.