Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poll Results

Okay, I had a poll that asked, "Have you ever considered having a midwife and/or doula attend your birth (whether at home or at a hospital)?". Of the 11 people that answered (Come on people, only 11? You can do better than that! ), 6 said yes (54%), 4 said no (36%), and 1 said yes, but family/spouse was not supportive (9%).

Midwives can be a great option to use during your pregnancy and delivery. They're cheaper than obstetricians (why pay a surgeon if you don't want to have surgery?), they're less likely to push you to have medical interventions if you don't need them, and they give you their undivided attention. That's the most important part. If you want the attention of a midwife but need an obstetrician (if you have a high-risk pregnancy), a doula would be a great option. A doula does not provide any medical service. She is there for emotional, spiritual, and physical support throughout your labor. Women who want to have an unmedicated birth are much less likely to ask for drugs when they have a midwife or doula present (for the effects of epidurals, see this post from Bellies in Bloom). This is because they are trained and experienced in childbirth, know the process of labor, and can help "keep your eye on the prize":-) Labor also tends to be shorter and have fewer complications when a doula is present. This is because labor depends highly on the emotional state of the woman. If a woman is not comfortable in her surroundings, stressing out, or anxious, labor will slow down or stop. The more comfortable, relaxed, and confident a woman is, the quicker and smoother her labor will go. Doulas can help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Visit for more information about doulas and how you could benefit from having one attend your birth. Also, here's a great explanation of the relationship between doulas and dads.

So, what do you think? Have you considered using or have you used a midwife or doula? What was your experience? If you haven't ever considered it, why not? Did this information urge you to consider it for future pregnancies? If you're a husband and/or father, would you recommend that your wife/partner look into using a midwife or a doula?


  1. I used midwives on all three of mine and I would have it no other way. Three natural births, three healthy births and I would do it all over again just for the birthing experience (it's just the 9 months of pregnancy that made us stop:) I think that we have too much pride in giving birth and in our marriages to ask for help or go out of our way to gather tools to maintain either. Doulas and midwives are great sources to tap into and I would encourage everyone to give them a whirl:) K

  2. To anyone who is unsure or would say they don't want a doula to attend their birth, I would say, ask around to people who used one. I would believe that anyone who had a doula at their birth was glad they did! Well, my clients think so at least :)