Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's Your Favorite?'s been almost a month since my last post. Talk about writer's block. I'm reading some new books on discipline and hopefully I'll have some good stuff to write about soon.

In the mean time, why don't you leave a comment and tell me about your favorite parenting book or best piece of advice? Share the wealth!

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  1. My favorite is Hints on Child Training by H.C. Trumbull. One of our Central professors gave it to us when our son was born. It's over 100 years old but is as relevant today as it was then.

    Next is Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Dr. Meg Meeker. She also has a good one about sons called Boys Should Be Boys, but the first is my favorite.

    I also love anything by Dr. Keving Leman. Wise, and funny too! :)