Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your BABY Can Read!

I was just searching online for children's flash cards in Italian (I plan to raise my children to be bilingual), and I stumbled across this website. It's a program called Your Baby Can Read. It's actually a lot like Rosetta Stone (which I use), but for babies. You can start it with your baby at 3 months old. Go to this website and watch videos of 18-24 month old babies literally reading. It's crazy!

It makes so much sense, though. I already knew that we wait too long to teach kids a lot of things (potty training for instance-see my post on Diaper Free babies), and I knew that you can teach babies words, but it never occurred to me that we can teach babies to actually read. When I saw this, the first thing I thought was, "does it come in Italian?!" Right now it's only in English, but according to the website they're currently in the process of translating it into several different languages. How cool is that?

So go to the website and let me know what you think. Has anyone out there actually used this program? Would you be interested in using it?


  1. we've seen it, love it. We are going to have Cale start using it...will let you know how it goes ;)

  2. We have this program! Benjamin has cerebral palsy and is waaaay delayed in all of his skills but he watches this twice a day and is aboslutely glued to the t.v. And I'm starting to see him pick up on some of it! It's very cool