Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Admit It...

Hello. My name is Karilyn Sanders, and I'm a sugar addict.

*SiGh*....I said it. I'm guessing I'm in good company, too. Just an hour ago, after I finished my dinner (frozen pizza-don't judge), I immediately began to crave a dessert. A cookie, some cake, a bowl of ice cream, even a glass of chocolate milk would do the trick. Anything to satisfy this need for sugar. My husband makes fun of my addiction to chocolate (chocolate is my food drug of choice, but it really comes down to the fact that it's all sugar), and jokes that one day he'll come downstairs and find me rubbing baking cocoa on my teeth to satisfy my chocolate cravings. The irony is, I've thought about just eating a spoonful of chocolate syrup before because I didn't have any other chocolate in the house. Actually, I've done that with chocolate icing too.

My husband and I ate this entire package of cookies yesterday. The excuse in our minds was, "It's Christmas weekend!" Does this sound familiar? I'm totally airing out all my dirty laundry right now, and I really hope it inspires you to get real about your possible addiction to sugar, too.

Wow, it's sounds so pathetic now that I'm writing it on a public forum, but that's the ugly truth. I am addicted to sugar. After reading about sugar addictions online, I've discovered that some experts believe it's harder to quit sugar than cigarettes or even heroin. I don't doubt it. I don't think I've gone a day without sugar in the last 20 years of my life, if not my entire life.

That's why I think it's really important for me to realize I have this addiction and start a journey towards an addiction-free lifestyle, especially before I have kids. Can you imagine parents encouraging their children to start smoking or snorting crack before they're even 1 year old? Yet, that's what Americans do with sugar. We introduce it extremely young and don't even know we're starting a serious addiction. That's what it is! A serious addiction.

I want you to think of all of the people you know with diabetes. Right now, make a list in your mind. How old is the youngest person you know with diabetes? I know several people with diabetes, and none of them were born with it. Guess what else feeds off of sugar? Tumors. Cancerous tumors. Do you have a child with ADD or ADHD? Take them off of sugar for a week or a month and see if they're concentration and behavior improves. Sugar is also related to inducing epileptic seizures.

I'm convinced that a change in diet can cure any health problem. Americans abuse food, which leads to health problems. We have health problems, so we go to the doctor and are prescribed medication. We take medication, and have an array of side effects because we are on medication. So, we go to the doctor again and get more medications to take care of the side effects we're experiencing because of the first medications we were prescribed. See the cycle? Americans complain about how expensive healthy food is, but we're spending TONS of money on needless medications because we don't eat healthy food! What would happen if, instead of going to the doctor with our health problems, we went to a nutritionist?

In the words of my friend, Kathy: "Be curious about it."

Be curious about how a change in diet could change the way you feel so tired in the afternoons. Be curious about how you could lose that stubborn 10, 20, or 30 pounds just by eliminating sugar from your diet.

Be curious. Do some research. You could ultimately save your life by limiting your sugar intake. Interesting, isn't it?


  1. How refreshing, and challenging too. I've always acknowledged my "sweet tooth" but haven't really done anything about it. Merris is almost 6, and she already acts like sweet things are an addiction-- She will sneak around to get some candy! Until reading your blog, I never realized that she may be mirroring my own habits of eating sweets. As a family, we're making plans to really limit sweets around us. Hopefully we'll soon gain some ground.

  2. Yes, very challenging. We have some cookies downstairs that our friends gave us and they're calling my name. It's going to take a lot of work to stop my dependence on sugar...but I know I can do it! So can you guys!

  3. This is a HUGE first step. Just keep being curious about it;) Babysteps!!!! Let me repeat that, louder this time...BABYSTEP!