Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sewing Tutorial: Quilted Pot Holder

For a while now I've wanted to get into quilting. It looks a little overwhelming though, so for my first quilting project, I decided to make a pot holder with some scraps I have. So if you've ever wanted to try quilting, here's a great intro project to sew along with!

To start, I used an embroidery hoop as my pattern. I traced it on the batting and then cut it out. 

I chose 3 fabrics and cut them into diagonal strips

Next I placed them out how I wanted them to look on the final product. 

Time to sew! Place RIGHT sides together and sew each piece on. 

This is what the back looks like when you're done.


Press the seams down with a hot iron (you can spray some water on the fabric with a water bottle to make the fabric easier to press down)

The front after pressing

Now put your batting on the back of the fabric you just pieced together

Choose a single piece of fabric to go on the back, trace the circle (or whatever pattern you're using) and cut out. Then place it on top of the batting, with the right side up. Now you have a fabric sandwich:-)

Pin all three layers together

The back

Now for the actual quilting part! I chose to just sew along the sides of each seam. Nice and simple. Sew through all three layers, removing the pins as you go. 

You can trim the excess fabric off around the edges before or after you sew. I did it after, but in hindsight it might have been easier to trim it before. 

Next you sew on the binding around the edges. Here's a link on how to sew your own binding, or you can buy prepackaged binding at your sewing/craft store. Keep in mind that if you're using a circular pattern like I did, you have to cut the binding on the bias

Ta-Da! This only took me about an hour to do, and now I've actually quilted something! Yay:-) Hmm..maybe a small blanket next?


  1. You crafty sun of a gun, you!!!! Thank you for the lovely lunch. Way to be a do'er on this one...even though I know you are probably procrastinating on doing something else that has or needs to be started;)

  2. Hahaha! You know me SO well:-) Yes I totally was procrastinating, but I'm doing that thing now:-) lol

  3. What a Wonderful Post! I have wanted to quilt for a long time, but was scared of wasting any fabric: This is Perfect for me! Thank you very much! These will make excellent gifts too. I have some batting especially for Pot holders (it is shiny silver on one side for insulation). Christmas is coming!

  4. I love it! I've made two already and going for a third! Thanks!