My name is Karilyn Sanders. I originally started this blog because I love to research anything related to parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, and babies! The whole process is so fascinating to me. I would say I'm a bit of a "birth junkie". I do a lot of research on natural childbirth, homebirth, and midwifery.

Photo by Beautiful Isolations Photography

Through the years my life and interests have evolved. I started a company called Wonderland Baby in 2009. I'm currently refocusing the product to be mainly about home birth advocacy. I'm also a maternity, home birth, and newborn photographer! My business is called Wonderland Photo, and I started that in early 2011.

Recently my husband and I have started an interest in personal health and wellness, which we help teach people about through Shaklee

Somehow I manage to juggle all of these things pretty well! I love being able to work at home. Life is crazy, in the best way possible! I hope you enjoy browsing Parental Guidance Suggested!